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Quality standards
Convergenze carries out regular monitoring of the services provided in order to continuously improve quality standards. The goal is pursued by monitoring the so-called "quality indicators," i.e., aspects of services deemed most relevant according to user ratings, which are periodically surveyed and updated.
Consumer information
Service charter
The Service Charter is a document provided by Convergenze in order to give information about the services offered, the rights and obligations arising from the contractual relationship, and the quality standard pledged to its customers.
Service Quality Indicators
Iso 9001
The Certification related to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 that Convergenze S.p.A. Società Benefit has obtained, guarantees the quality and continuous improvement of our telecommunications services and all the company's internal procedures.
Iso 14001
Convergenze S.p.A. Società Benefit has obtained certification of its Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001:2015. The Environmental Management System refers to the set of processes, tools and models implemented by a company in order to meet the required standards and follow a sustainable development. By getting this certification, the companies make a concrete commitment to limit their direct environmental impacts, caused by their own activities, while also controlling the indirect ones, related to the environmental behaviors of their suppliers, with the aim of improving the reduction of emissions, encouraging the recycling of waste and the correct environmental behaviors. Eco-sustainability and the adoption of green practices constitute the main commitment of the certified company, which decides to pursue the continuous improvement of its business in order to respect and protect the environment.
Iso 45001
Convergenze S.p.A. Società Benefit has obtained certification of Health and Safety Management System according to ISO 45001:2018. This certification proves that the certified company has voluntarily implemented a system that allows it to ensure adequate control regarding the safety and health of workers through compliance with mandatory standards.
Iso 22301
Convergenze has achieved ISO 22301:2019 international certification for its business security management system. The ISO 22301:2019 standard was issued for the provision of data center services such as Housing, Virtual Servers and Hosting.
Iso 27001
Convergenze has obtained the international ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification which ensures the integrity, confidentiality and proper handling of all sensitive data. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is part of a set of standards for information security and covers not only privacy aspects, but also confidentiality and technical and IT security aspects.
Misura internet
Convergenze S.p.A. Società Benefit subscribes to the Internet Measurement Authority for Guarantees in Communications (AGCOM).
Logo agid
Il Cloud Marketplace di AgID è la piattaforma che espone i servizi e le infrastrutture qualificate secondo quanto disposto dalle Circolari AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale). Convergenze si è qualificata come erogatore di servizi IaaS e come CSP accreditato.
Politica aziendale per la qualità, l’ambiente e la sicurezza sui luoghi di lavoro.