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The cloud data storage service by Convergenze with up to 100 GB of free storage space just for you.
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Your files always within reach
Keep your files on the Convergenze cloud and manage them from any device.
With the web application, you can see and organise all your stored data wherever you are.
You can also share your files and folders with anyone!
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Install MyLife on your computer
Quickly transfer your files from your computer to MyLife. You can upload folders, send big files and plan automatic backups that will allow you to save all your work.
Apps are available for the following operating systems:
Mac OS
Activate MyLife
If you are already enjoying one of Convergenze's data services (ConWIFI, ConULL, ConADSL, ConFibra or ConNGA), you can activate MyLife free of charge by accessing the Pandora Client Area
MyLife will be linked to your Convergenze account and you will be able to access it with the same credentials you use to log into the Pandora Client Area
Se attivi un contratto ConFIBRA FTTH: hai incluso fino a 100GB di spazio su Cloud a seconda del profilo scelto.

Per i profili ConFIBRA 100/100 Mbps e 1GB/100Mbps, i primi 50 GB di spazio occupato sono sempre gratuiti.Al superamento della soglia dei 50, ogni GB avrà un costo di 0,0732 mensili IVA inclusa.

Per i profili ConFIBRA 500/500 Mbps e 1GB/500 Mbps, i primi 100 Gb di spazio occupato sono sempre gratuiti. Al superamento della soglia dei 100, ogni GB occupato avrà un costo di 0,0732 mensili IVA inclusa.