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Welcome to our Help Center. Here you can request our technical and administrative assistance by filling in the forms below. The problem is managed immediately, assigned for diagnosis in two hours and solved in 48 working hours, if no complications arise. Our goal is to provide the best services and assistance. If you prefer speaking to one of our staff, please call our toll-free number, 800 987 787, and we will be happy to assist you.


It's easy. Just call our toll-free number, 800 987 787 or fill in the form we provide at our headquarters.
You can:
  • Call our toll-free number, 800 987 787
  • Send an e-mail to info@convergenze.it, with your home/business address and phone number. If you don't have one, write your neighbor's phone number instead.
Sorry, we don't provide telephone sets.
You will need:
  • A copy of your ID and fiscal code number in case you subscribe for a residential service.
  • A copy of the business identification documents, VAT number and ID of the owner of the business in case you subscribe for a business service.
  • The address of the home/business address where we will install the equipment and send the bills.
  • E-mail address and relevant mobile numbers.
  • A copy of your debit or prepaid debit card and IBAN number.
Yes, you can keep your old number. Just let us know before we activate the new line.
No, you will not have to pay any monthly fee to any of your previous operators, only to Convergenze.
You can ask to appear in, modify your information or be taken out of the phone directory by filling in the form we provide here and sending it via:
  • E-mail to info@convergenze.it
  • Fax it to 0828 1962100
  • Snail mail to Convergenze S.p.A. Benefit Company via Seliano 2, 84047 Capaccio-Paestum (Sa)
Yes, just go to the Client Area section of our website, www.convergenze.it. There, you can check all your calls and payment status. Your username always appears on your monthly bills. You can ask for your password by sending an e-mail to info@convergenze.it
Yes, just give us your e-mail address.
You can inform us by:
  • Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Convergenze S.p.A. Benefit Company via Seliano 2, 84047 Capaccio-Paestum (Sa)
  • Certified e-mail to direzione@pec.convergenze.it. An identity document of the contract holder must be attached to the PEC
VoIP is a system that allows voice communication through the Internet.
The voice is carried through the phone network, then it is converted into digital data and sent as IP packets through the public network. When it reaches its destination, it is re-converted into impulses and then reaches the receiver's phone number.
It depends on the codec used. Codec is a compression-decompression algorithm used to reduce the bandwidth usage of an IP phone call. The more a codec compresses, the worse the quality of the phone call becomes. Such quality is indicated by the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) test. Below is a table with the most popular codecs and their bandwidth usage:
Codec Band Kbit/s MOS
G.711 80 4.3-4.7
G.726-32 48 3.9-4.2
G.729A 24 3.6-3.7
G.723.1 17 3.4-3.5
GSM 27 3.7-3.9
iLBC 27 3.7-4.1
It's actually superior to the quality given by other current phone operators.
Yes. A special adaptor we connect to these sets converts the digital IP signal into common RTG or ISDN phone signals.
Yes, but the downloading or uploading of big files can saturate the bandwidth causing sound problems.
Yes, with the portability service it is possible to transfer your landline phone number to the VoIP network.
Yes. You only need to keep the router ADSL switched on and the phone adaptor in place.