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This service allows our customers to receive faxes as attached documents to an e-mail message. They can keep it as it is or print it.
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VAT included
This service allows our customers to send faxes as attached documents in an e-mail message.
All fees include VAT tax, effective from January 1st, 2015.

What Is ConFAX?

With our service ConFAX, the sending and receiving of faxes are managed directly from a virtual mailbox, allowing the phone lines to operate more efficiently.

The virtual mailbox is associated with a geographic number that allows our customers to receive an unlimited amount of faxes in PDF format, each one attached to an e-mail message. The same email account can also be used to send faxes worldwide, with notification of delivery.

How Does It Work?: ConFax IN

This allows our customer to receive fax documents in PDF format in their e-mail inbox. The fax sender sends it in the traditional way but our customer receives it as an e-mail message at the address given by Convergenze at the moment of activation. Once our customer opens the PDF file, they can print, forward, store or delete it.


  • The sender sends the document using a normal fax machine to our ConFAX IN/OUT customer.
  • Our Fax Server receives and automatically forwards the fax to the recipient's mail server.
  • The fax is delivered to our customer's inbox in PDF format as an attached file to a message from our server, showing the details of the sender, date, time and number of pages of the document.

How to send faxes: ConFAX OUT

This allows our customers to send faxes all over the world, to one or more recipients at a time, from their own e-mail account. To use this service, they must enable one or more valid email addresses, which will be the senders of the fax. Delivery of fax is certified by an e-mail message to our customer's inbox.


  • Prepare the document to be sent as a PDF file.
  • Create an e-mail message with the recipient's fax number followed by '@fax.convergenze.it' and attach the PDF file
  • The Fax Server transforms the e-mail document into a fax and then sends it via the PSTN to the number of the recipient.
  • The fax is delivered directly to our customer's number and they receive it on their Fax machine.
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