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800 987 787
per month
VAT included
The cost of each call is determined by its termination.
Quando la telefonata termina su una linea VOIP:
  • Calls from landline numbers
    €0.048 /min
  • Calls from mobile numbers
    €0.292 /min
Quando la telefonata termina su una linea analogica, ossia rete fissa:
  • Calls from landline numbers
    €0.097 /min
  • Calls from mobile numbers
    €0.341 /min
Quando la telefonata termina su una linea telefonica mobile:
  • Calls from landline numbers
    €0.292 /min
  • Calls from mobile numbers
    €0.536 /min
Activation Fees
  • Toll-free Number Activation Fee
  • For existing Convergenze customers, the activation is free of charge
All fees include VAT tax, effective from January 1st, 2015.
Why Activate A Toll-Free Number?
A toll-free number is a great marketing tool for all companies that choose to offer free commercial support to advertise their products or services. It is the ideal way to spark interest and get in direct contact with the customers, as it allows the subscribing company to provide information and offer personalized advice to all those who request it.
How Does It Work?
The company that decides to activate a toll-free number shall bear the full cost of the calls made by third parties. All calls made to a Convergenze toll-free number can be received on either a traditional phone line or on a VOIP line. It is possible to exclude calls from mobile phones. In this case, a recorded message will explain that it is not possible to deliver this type of call, inviting the caller to dial from a landline number. ConNumeroVerde includes standard voice messages, MOH and voice mail. Our toll-free number consists of a fixed basis: 800 98 38, and a variable basis, which includes the possible numbers between 00 and 99, except those that have already been assigned.
  • Activating a toll-free number is a valuable tool that promotes not only sales but also the after sales service.
  • Our customers can view online the details of incoming calls, such as the cost, duration and the caller's number.
  • A toll-free number is a very useful tool before and after sales are made.
  • Activating a toll-free number doesn't require installation; the assignment is immediate, as well as the functionality.
  • Activation of the service is free for all our customers.
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