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OpenNet Access Point

OpenNet is the service by Convergenze S.p.A. that allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and for free through the access points distributed all over the territory.

How do I recognize an access point of the Convergenze OpenNet network?
You can recognize the access points of the OpenNet network from the name of the WiFi network. All WiFi networks covered by the service OpenNet will always include the word "OpenNet".

Remember that your credentials are valid to access the Internet from any access points of the OpenNet network by Convergenze.

OpenNet: How to Register through Cell Phone
  • Find the OpenNet Network on your Device. Choose the Network and the Login/Registration form will appear. Click "Register".
  • Enter your mobile number on the registration form and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Click "Register".
  • Enter the password you got via SMS. Click "Access".
  • Welcome to OpenNet. Happy browsing!
Each AP
per month
VAT included
Or annual payment €158.60
Activation Fees
  • Singolo modulo a partire da
  • Usually, one of our technicians has to inspect the building in order to understand how many AP's have to be installed.
All fees include VAT tax, effective from January 1st, 2015.
What is it?
OpenNet is the service provided by Convergenze S.p.A. that allows public entities and other kinds of establishments, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc., to offer their customers a point of access to the Internet.
How does it work?
This service is provided through the installation of an AP, an access point, which generates the connection to the Internet. With this technology, the end user can start surfing the Internet after following a simple initial procedure to create their own username and password. Then, they can always access the service by reinserting the same credentials, which will be valid from any point of the Convergenze OpenNet network.
The advantages
The OpenNet service provided by Convergenze S.p.A. offers two great advantages to all entities and establishments: exemption from any legal liability in case their customers break the law while surfing the Internet and becoming part of an extensive network that already has tens of thousands of users.