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May 07, 2013

Our CEO Elected President Of The Local Cooperative Bank BCC Capaccio Paestum!

Convergenze S.p.A. is so proud to share this great news with you all, published in the newspaper La Città di Salerno (www.lacittadisalerno.gelocal.it)


CAPACCIO. Elections for the renewal of the BCC Board of Capaccio Paestum: the new president is the well-known young entrepreneur Rosario Pingaro, B.Eng. With over 800 votes, Ing. Pingaro has defeated the other candidate, Ettore Bellelli. Nine members of Ing. Pingaro's list will sit on the Board of Directors: Enrico di Lascio (who got the most votes, 727), Gerardo Sica, Pasquale Sabia, Antonello Petraglia, Lucio Scovotto, Maurizio Franco, Stefano Barlotti, Angelo Maffia, Giuseppe Mauro. Damiano D'Angelo, from the list of candidate Bellelli, also joins the Board.

"I would like to thank all those who supported my candidacy - said Ing. Pingaro - and our project for the revival of our bank. We will work hard to give the BCC Capaccio Paestum a more peaceful and prosperous future. Our goal is to make the territory where we operate wealthier, both economically and socially, by dissolving all existing micro conflicts. In our view, there must be unity between management and administration as the new board wants to represent each and every member, whose number now surpasses 1,500. All of us are called to make a contribution so that our bank and our territory can finally overcome the financial crisis and live more peaceful and happy days. The trust and loyalty that our members and customers have shown the BCC in recent years
encourages us to believe in a strong future."