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July 12, 2019

Paestum Archaeological Park and Convergenze S.p.A. Signed a Deal to Create New Development Assets in the Area, with a Free OpenNet Wireless Network

Convergenze S.p.A. and Paestum Archaeological Park signed a deal for OpenNet, i.e. free Wi-Fi coverage for the whole area of the Paestum Archaeological Park and the Museum.

The deal was signed by the director of the Paestum Archaeological Park, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, and the president and CEO of Convergenze, Rosario Pingaro.

The Wi-Fi network OpenNet will be available to all the visitors and free of charge.

OpenNet 4.0 High-Density allows hospitality facilities and public entities to offer free Wi-Fi access to their customers in complete safety and guarantees a functional and stable service even with a high-density of users.

This is a project that Convergenze is very keen on, as it springs from the synergy between the private and public sectors and aims to create new development assets in the Cilentan area, to which the Company is deeply connected.  

Overcoming the digital divide is Convergenze's main mission. This is where its data and voice services based on wireless technology were born, allowing ultra-broadband Internet access in areas where this service was not available at all.

A project, that of the OpenNet network at the Archaeological Park, which we hope will be an example for other companies to establish a virtuous circle of mutual support between companies, public entities and the territorial system.