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June 22, 2019

Convergenze S.p.A. and Cittaslow International together for sustainable mobility thanks to EVO!

At the General Assembly 2019 of Cittaslow International in Orvieto, Convergenze had the honor of presenting the EVO project, the open network of charging stations for electric cars that does not require an exclusive contract, to an audience of mayors and association delegates from 30 countries.


The opportunity to share the vision of the world that led us to the innovative invention and patent of EVO: a sustainable reality for both people and the environment, where technology and innovation support everyone's well-being and are able to promote a lifestyle consistent with the natural rhythms of man and the territories.


Furthermore, an important agreement was signed between Convergenze S.p.A. and Cittaslow International through their respective presidents Rosario Pingaro and Stefano Pisani, which establishes a mutual support for the promotion of sustainable mobility in the towns that will join Cittaslow.

In the next 12 months Convergenze will install 12 EVO charging stations in the Cittaslow towns that will request them.

The future is sustainable and we are building it now!