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Browse the Internet at ultra high speed with our wireless technology.
Ultrabroadband is now available in the areas affected from digital divide.
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is your electric vehicle charging network.
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The EVO project sprang from the idea of promoting eco-sustainable mobility and providing this kind of service to the many tourists who visit the National Park of Cilento, Vallo of Diano and Alburni.
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services throughout Italy
ConNGA is the Next Generation Access service by Convergenze that provides the maximum bandwidth speed now available in VDSL 2 on fiber optic transport.
Our electricity is 100% renewable.
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ConLuce is the new electric power service by Convergenze S.p.A. for home, condo and business. Our energy is 100% renewable and our prices are very competitive!
Convergenze creates the first optical fiber network using the FTTH and GPON technologies. Up to 300 mbps at your disposal just for starters!
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The ConHOUSING service from Convergenze allows you to install your servers in our Data Room, which provides reliable power, temperature, and connectivity.
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Open Net is the service by Convergenze S.p.A. that allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and for free through the access points distributed all over the territory.
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