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September 20, 2015
Inspiration Day - 10 years together

On 20th September Convergenze celebrated its 10th anniversary with a very special event: the whole staff flew to Paris to spend a day in harmony, which has already become unforgettable!

A little before 6:00 am we arrive at the Convergenze Innovation Center, backpacks on our shoulders and ready to get on the bus for the ride to Capodichino, the airport of Naples, where a plane is waiting for the group: so much emotion and joy ...

The whole company is moving, so many people together, each one being essential for the daily work to be carried out: technicians, administrative personnel, programmers, front office and sales staff, people in charge of the building, the company's managers and executives, we are all going to spend the day together, to talk about the future, the present and what has been achieved with effort and perseverance, united to continuously improve, to find the inspiration to tackle new challenges.

But why did we call this day Inspiration Day? Because inspiration is what it takes to find new stimuli and learn from what surrounds us, what makes us   feel in our soul and enlightens our mind, guiding us towards new goals and new realities.

Paris is truly beautiful: majestic monuments, rich museums, and after a short bus tour with a guide, we head towards the Seine.

On the pier, waiting for the Convergenze group is the boat Bretagne ready to take us for a tour and have lunch on board. We enjoy a very interesting view of Paris from the river, warmed by a gentle sun, mild temperature and a lot of harmony.

Something becomes very clear all of a sudden - we have succeeded in  solidifying the foundation of the company, everyone is talking to each other, and the group is solid. Veterans and new recruits all illustrate their ideas to make Convergenze a better place to work in and build something useful for all the people who choose our services and rely our expertise.

The topics covered include electrical power, the new sector of the company, which in its 10th year of operations has become multi-utility; it has to be renewable, because our future lies in the preservation of our planet; then optical fiber, the latest connectivity innovation, but also research and development with cloud services and certification of our data centers,  installation of IP exchanges and evolved interconnections for larger companies.... We discuss all that and the sharing of our ideas enriches each one of us.

This is Convergenze S.p.A., a group of people with ideas and goals to reach and the desire to always improve.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to those who choose us, because without you this would not be possible.

We came back home late in the night, and the following day we were all at work with renewed enthusiasm and the awareness that we can rely on each other while we do our best, accompanied by such a wonderful experience and beautiful memories.