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June 13, 2014

Convergenze Installs ADSL 2+ in Albanella and Matinella

Convergenze S.p.A. is very pleased to share with you this article, published on www.vocedistrada.it

Convergenze S.p.A. Brings the New Technology ADSL 2+ to Albanella and Matinella  
By Angela Sabetta

Convergenze, the leading company that provides wireless Internet and phone services, have expanded their services to the municipality of Albanella and its suburb Matinella. The news has been given by the president and CEO of Convergenze, Ing. Rosario Pingaro: "We have just completed work on Matinella for the installation of the new ADSL 2+ technology. This will guarantee broadband speed up to 20Mbps over a single twisted pair with the possibility of binding two twisted pairs and get 40Mbps". This is a fantastic opportunity for the families who reside in hilly Albanella, as they will benefit from the new service at affordable prices. From today, the two local exchanges are operative in the municipality and its suburb, providing ULL service in ADSL 2+, which allows high speed connectivity. The ConULL service from Convergenze provides Data up to 20Mbps and Voice and the monthly fee is only € 7.50 + VAT. Switching to ConULL is free of charge for all previous business and residential customers of Convergenze. To the residents of Albanella and Matinella we recommend the plan ConULL Data and Voice, with 10Mbps connection speed and calls to national landlines for only € 29.00 per month, VAT included.