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January 28, 2007
Bandwidth Upgrade for Our Wireless Connectivity Customers

Covergenze S.p.A. is pleased to announce that tonight there will be a bandwidth upgrade for all our wireless connectivity customers.

Here is the chart with the new speeds of each monthly plan:

Monthly plan Download speed Upload speed
BasicHome - Junior 1280 kbps 256 kbps
Amico  1600 kbps 384 kbps
Partner 1600 kbps 768 kbps
Master 2480 kbps 768 kbps


These values refer to the maximum performance that can be achieved. The actual performance depends on the load of the network and server.

Our efforts to increase the bandwidth speed will lead to a new upgrade in February. Please look forward to it.

For further information, please call our toll-free number 800 987 787.