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June 16, 2007
New Node Active in the Town of Corleto Monforte

Convergenze S.p.A. is proud to announce that a new node has been installed in the town of Corleto Monforte.
This structure provides broadband Internet to the towns of Ottati, Sant'Angelo a Fasanella, Corleto Monforte and their surroundings using the highest technology available on standard wireless 802.11.
In fact, with this node, Convergenze starts a new phase of V3 hardware/software installations that will greatly improve the quality of the transmission capacity of each node in our network. Soon, all our customers will benefit from the upgrade.

Convergenze S.p.A. has successfully proved that even in the mountainous region of Alburni, it is possible to be on the cutting edge of technology. With the help of the local authorities, we have overcome the digital divide, giving both individuals and companies operating in this area the same advantages they would have in more technologically advanced ones.

For more information on our services and projects, please call our toll-free number 800 987 787