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December 03, 2011

Successful Connection with Telecom Italia BBN Perugia Node

Convergenze S.p.A. is very proud to announce that the tests to connect with the Telecom Italia BBN Perugia transit node have been successfully completed. We have this powerful infrastructure in place now and, having received the appropriate numbers by the Ministry of Economic Development, we will be able to manage call origination and termination in the following area codes:

Area Code
Ancona 071
Pesaro         0721
Urbino         0722
Jesi (AN) 0731
Fabriano (AN) 0732
Macerata     0733
Fermo         0734
San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) 0735
Ascoli Piceno 0736
Camerino (MC) 0737
Foligno (PG) 0742
Spoleto (PG) 0743
Terni 0744
Perugia 075


Our goal is to enhance our technical and commercial presence in the above mentioned towns and to increase the efficiency of our TDM Voice network.
I would like to thank Connecting Project S.r.l. (www.connectingproject.it), the consulting company that helps Convergenze to develop the coverage for voice services across the country and all our customers for choosing our services.

Ing. Rosario Pingaro
President and CEO of Convergenze S.p.A.