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September 16, 2011

Convergenze Provides Wireless Services To The Airport Of Salerno!

Dear customers,
We are proud to share with you this article, published on the web site of our local Tv station, www.stiletv.it

The Salerno Costa D' Amalfi Airport Relies On Convergenze S.p.A. For Wireless Services

The Salerno Costa D' Amalfi Airport has chosen the broadband company Convergenze S.p.A., based in Capaccio Paestum, as their wireless Internet and VoIP provider. The need arose after the airport was cut off for almost an entire day. The telephone lines and Internet connection were interrupted in the offices and service stations during the night of August 10th as over 300 meters of copper cables buried under Via Olmo, were cut in several places and removed by persons unknown.
The contract signed by Dr. Giovanni Basso, director of the airport, and Rosario Pingaro, B.Eng., president and CEO of Convergenze S.p.A., has secured safe, uninterrupted access to the Internet and VoIP phone. The plan includes a 15Mbps download speed and 4Mbps upload speed via wireless technology HiperLAN, and the assignment of /29 subnet Public IP addresses.
"The services Convergenze will provide to the the Salerno Costa D' Amalfi Airport - explains Ing. Pingaro - show that our wireless technology is far more reliable end powerful in terms of connectivity than the one Telecom Italia offers at present. Counting the only airport in the province of Salerno among our customers fills us with pride. It's like a reward for the significant technological investments made by Convergenze in the last five years, which have earned us, in the sole province of Salerno, the trust of 80 municipalities, 5 mountain communities and over 6,800 residential and business customers.
In addition to that, Convergenze also provides wireless Internet and VoIP phone to municipal libraries, local police stations, public offices and schools. We have also activated WiFi Hotspots in various municipalities of the Cilentan region, the Alburni and Valle del Calore (Controne, Ottati, Castelcivita, Aquara, Serre, Sant'Angelo a Fasanella, Roscigno, Corleto Monforte and Roccadaspide). Those citizens who wish to connect to the Internet while going about town can do so for free using their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They need to go to the Town Hall and ask for a special card that features a username and password.
At present, Convergenze S.p.A. provides the following services: LLU Data at 20 Mbps, ADSL up to 20 Mbps, WiFi up to 15 Mbps for business and 5 Mbps for residential customers.