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January 26, 2015

Mekané Productions thanks Convergenze S.p.A. for the technological support provided for the shooting of Kylie Minogue's "Kiss Me Once Tour" opening video.

Mekané Productions, founded by Attilio Rossi, B.A. in Law, in the neighboring town of Agropoli, was responsible for the installation and coordination of the video before and after the special effects.
In his thank you message, Dr. Rossi wrote: "The problem was to receive and send to Rome and then to London, the edited shots. The video was shot in 4K, very heavy, so we asked Convergenze S.p.A. for help. The President, Ing. Rosario Pingaro, and Vice President Gianluca Mandetta immediately provided us with the highest possible speed, especially in upload. Certainly, the Cilento area and Salerno have a great opportunity to grow and thrive thanks to Convergenze's technological support, provided with such professionalism and quality. As for Mekané Productions, our collaboration with Convergenze S.p.A. has just begun."