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April 13, 2007

Our Broadband and VoIP Services Now Available in the Town of Laureana Cilento

Convergenze S.p.A. is very pleased to announce that, thanks to a deal struck with Comunità Montana dell’ Alento e del Monte Stella, the town of Laureana Cilento will benefit from our broadband services. We are the leading provider of wireless connectivity services in Southern Italy and have carried out the pilot project in record time to show how good the wireless technology is and our own reliability. Soon, we will give wireless coverage to the towns of Rutino Cilento, Lustra, Perito, Torchiara and Omignano.

Our President and CEO, Ing. Rosario Pingaro, has recently declared: "We are delighted to have contributed to the progress of the Cilentan region in the field of new technologies. I believe that the synergy between public authorities and private companies is the most valuable asset we now have to face the challenges of the present economic dynamics.
I would like to thank Comunità Montana dell’ Alento e del Monte Stella for their cooperation and trust.”

For more information on our services and projects, please call our toll-free number 800 987 787.